Digital signage solutions

As a leading security solutions provider, we are often faced with the need for bespoke display products that are complementary to our product range. With the need for display, CATV solutions naturally followed since it gives our clients an effective communication tool. This results in a platform that can be used for both public information as well as third party advertising and live content streaming. Since we approach digital signage from a security perspective our solutions are not just functional but provide top tier encryption ensuring data protection and integrity. PDIT is an authorised reseller and integration partner for the following OEM’s.

Display Solutions and Integration

Our Display Solutions include the latest display technologies that ranges from: Outdoor and indoor LED displays, Lite and Full Commercial LCD displays (24/7 365days) as well as Video Wall’s & hospitality televisions.

AX Audio and Visual Solutions

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ABSEN – LED Displays

For more information on ABSEN products please visit their website.

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Software Display Technologies – Signage & iPTV

The software is being developed by South African engineers since 2006. The software solution is for the scheduling, management and distribution of rich digital media, to in-venue networks through TCP/IP links and displayed on local digital display devices for community television. Our X-Stream software integrate with most of the systems that include Air Ports Flight information | FIDS on Television

X-Stream – Digital Signage Software

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Nevron – Interactive IPTV Middleware

For more information on Nevron products please visit their website.

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Widevine – DRM Software (Multi Choice approved)

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